THE KARATE KID - Watch Full Movie comprised of Rehearsal Footage

This is crazy awesome! The internet is a mad freakin' beast at times and you have know idea what is going to pop up on it next. Today we have the full classic 1980's film, The Karate Kid, that is completely comprised from rehearsal footage that was shot. 

When they were making The Karate Kid, they decided to shoot each scene's rehearsal with budget cameras so the actors could watch themselves back afterwards. Now it's been edited together so that it forms a version of the movie that looks like it was shot and made by eight graders in their basement, including loads of unseen scenes.

As a fan of the movie I find this completely awesome. I've embedded the entire movie below. It looks like this footage was actually uploaded by the director of the film John G. Avildsen, whose YouTube user name is Avildsen1221. I think it's so cool that he shot all of this footage, what's even cooler is the fact that it actually made its way online for fans to see! There is a specific note for each video posted on YouTube. Enjoy!