Asa Butterfield Confirms he will be Playing Ender in ENDER'S GAME!

Hugo star Asa Butterfield confirmed today via his twitter account that he will indeed be playing Ender in the adaptation of Orsen Scott Card's classic sci-fi story Ender's Game. Earlier this month is was reported that the 14-year-old actor had been offered the role. It looks like he took it! Here's what he had to say on twitter...

He's obviously very excited about this role, and he should be! It's the role of a lifetime, and it should be a great experience for him! I think he's a solid choice for the role, he definitely looks the part. I'm excited for him, I just hope he can handle the fanboy meltdowns, because I'm sure not everyone will agree with the casting choice. 

The movie is being directed by Wolverine Origins director Gavin Hood. I wish the film would have ended up in better hands, I just hope he does the story justice when bringing it to the big screen. Maybe he'll surprise us. 

What are your thought's on Butterfield taking on the role of Ender?

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