Steve Buscemi's QUEER lines up Guy Pearce, Ben Foster and Kelly MacDonald

According to screenwriter Oren Moverman, his scripted adaptation of William S. Burroughs novel Queer may become a reality. Vulture reports that Moverman revealed that the film has Guy Pearce, Ben Foster, and Kelly MacDonald attached to star for director Steve Buscemi

Here is what he had to say about the project:

"Steve is one of the first people I worked with in the film business, and he's a great director. I love him as a director. Queer was written with Junkie, which was the first Burroughs book, but it was never published because the publisher said, you know, 'I've got Junkie, you want to put Queer in there? How far can I push this thing?. So it wasn't published until 1984. It was written in 1952. And once it was published, it was really the story of William S. Burroughs kind of discovering himself as a writer by being obsessed with this boy. And there's very little in it about the wife, but what's happening at the same time is it's the time where [Burroughs] killed his wife, you know, during the whole famous William Tell routine. So that's sort of the incident that we started working with and built this whole movie around."

This script was written ten years ago and has been dormant until now.  Moverman went onto say:

"It's still in the early stages of the actual making because Steve, as you know, is a little busy with his show he's doing on HBO. But once he has his hiatus next time around, after the next season, we're going to go shoot this movie. God willing." 

I think that this sounds like a perfect project for Buscemi and this group of actors. I am a huge fan of Boardwalk Empire and think Buscemi is a solid director. What are your thoughts on this news?

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