The 15 Rules of Movie Watching!

Here is a video from TheMovieDoc listing the 10 Rules of Movie Going. His video is a great start, but I have a few more to add to the list. First watch the video:

Those rules are all fine and dandy, but I feel a few major rules have been left out. And here they are:

1. Arrive On Time, if not early to the movie - Sometimes seeing the trailers are the best part of the moive. If you are going to have to get food at concessions always make sure you arrive on extra early to leave time for that.

2. Speaking of Food - CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Yes they have a team of theater workers that come in an clean, but why not make their job a bit easier by picking up after yourself.

3. No I will NOT move down!  - Refer to rule number one and arrive early if you want a specific seat. Okay, I am not a grinch. If I am asked nicely I may move down to accommodate your tardy self, but don’t come in to my row expecting me to move.

4. If your theater is empty DO NOT sit right behind, in front of or next to someone you do not know. Just like there are rules for using urinals in the bathroom of having a space between you when possible, there is a common sense rule of not sitting close to someone you don’t know and invading their personal space.
5. Smell Good - The days of people taking only one shower a year ended when runniing water became prevalant. In the even that you have to sit next to someone you don't know please do them a kindness and shower before seeing the movie!


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