Ray Liotta was considered for BATMAN by Tim Burton

Ray Liotta has been on my list of favorite actors since starring in Goodfellas. He is a perfect tough guy on screen, but I also think he is really funny. If you have not seen him in Observe and Report with Seth Rogen, he is a mix of both. Liotta received a career tribute at the Savannnah Film Festival this week. At the event he spoke to The Playlist to discuss his career and his latest film, Son of No One.

The full article is definitely worth a read, but one part sticks out as pretty cool. When Liotta was asked if he'd ever auditioned for a superhero movie, here is what he said:

“I remember right after a movie I did, ‘Something Wild,’ Tim Burton wanted to meet me for Batman. And at that time, I said, ‘What are you kidding me? I’m an actor.’ But now it’s changed; now it’s good because if you do that you get other movies.”

I like Michael Keaton as Batman, but can really picture Liotta as Batman. What about you?

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