AKIRA Casting - Actors up for the Role of Tetsuo

We recently learned that Garrett Hedlund was offered the lead role of Kaneda in the upcoming big screen live action adaptation of Akira. The other lead role in the film is a character named Tetsuo, who gets really screwed up due to a government medical experiment, in which he receives destructive psychokinetic abilities. It's being reported that actors Ezra Miller (Californication) and Alden Eherenreich (Tetro) are both up for the role. Both actors are low profile actors, so it will be interesting to see if either one of them ends up getting it. They both look like they could take it on, but I think Eherenreich has a bit more intensity. 

The most recent draft was written by Steve Kloves. Leonardo DiCaprio is producing the film with Andrew Lazar. Otomo, who wrote and directed the 1988 Japanese anime movie classic will be an executive producer on the project. It's hard to believe that they wont be able to fully capture the epic awesomeness of Katsuhiro Otomo's story, but I cant help but hope to hell that they will be able to pull this off. What are your thoughts on this possible casting?