Bruce Lee goes to Hell to meet Popeye, Dracula, Clint Eastwood and More

After martial arts legend Bruce Lee passed away in 1973 there were a ton of films made starring martial artists that looked like the actor. They were imitators used to to help trick people into going to see a movie they thought would star the real Bruce Lee. Some of these actors included Bruce Li and Bruce Lai. These movies were called Bruceploitation films, and there was one made in 1977 called The Dragon Lives again. This film takes Bruce Lee into the depths of hell to help Popeye and Caine from Kung Fu stop the characters Dracula, the Exorcist, Emmanuelle, the Godfather, Clint Eastwood, and Zatoichi the Blind Swordman from taking over the hellish afterlife. Sounds like it could have been an awesome movie! Check out a clip from the film featuring Popeye kicking ass, and the opening title sequence. Enjoy!

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