Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner to Reunite for new Film Project

Despite the fact that Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy's new comedy Tower Heist only made $25 million dollars this weekend, the two are ready to work with each other again on a new film project. Ratner is currently in talks with Murphy to direct another movie. Rater said in a statement that he'd "make anything with Eddie." There's not other information on what this movie might be, but I wonder if it's Murphy's Alien abduction movie, that will have a all black cast called, Jamal and Tyrell and Omar and Brick and Michael’s Wack-Ass Weekend.

Both Ratner and Murphy haven't had the best luck with movies in recent years so I guess when two people that fall on hard times find each they connect and do everything the can to find success. It looks like we could end up seeing a few more films from these guys. I'm all for Murphy getting his mojo back, unfortunately I don't think Ratner is the right guy to help him do it. 

Ratner went on to talk about how much he loves Murphy, scoring all kinds of brownie points with the actor saying things like...

It's been a great experience. He's come out and really supported the film. What I'm excited about is, we just have a great collaboration ... I really love working with him. To me, he's my hero.

Rush Hour wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for Eddie, because I studied his movies. No one did an action comedy better than him.

So basically Murphy likes working with a guy who idolizes him, even he isn't the most talented filmmaker. I guess we'll see what these two guys come up with next! Are you excited about these two guys collaborating with each other?

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