The SyFy Channel is producing a new film project with Universal Pictures and director Rob Letterman (Shark Tale and Monsters Vs. Aliens) called Parnormalists. The movie will be loosely based on SyFy's hit reality series Ghost Hunters. According to Bloody-Disgusting the movie will be a generic found footage film project. "It's said to follow a group of stoner kids that claim to rid haunted houses of ghosts and poltergeists, only they're just ripping off a slew of gullible individuals. In an obvious turn of events, they end up in a house that's actually haunted."

Yeah, that does sound pretty generic. It's hard to believe that the actual Ghost Hunters team would even back up something like this because of how serious they are about what they do. But SyFy does pay them and they do own the Ghost Hunters name, so if they want to attach the shows name to a movie like this to help promote it then I guess that's their right. What do you all think about this new ghost project?

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