Santa Battles SINta Claus in Epic Art - 25 Posts of Geek Christmas Day 13

Humor by Joey Paur

Artist Kizer Stone has created a amazingly badass story revolving around Santa Claus, and he's created these two pictures to give us a awesome visual aid of what this story looks like in action! Stone introduces us to Santa's evil sister SINta Claus who has an army of evil dwarves and an attack robot to fight her brother Santa with the intent to kill. Of course Santa has a few ass kicking elves of his own to ride into battle with him. 

Here's the full run down of the story, which makes a perfect addition to our 25 Posts of Geek Christmas Day, enjoy! I'd actually like to see this idea turned into a movie. 

With the help of the most fearsome and ass kicking elves alive and a sword that can cut the shit out of anything Santa's Christmas eve should be a piece of cake. Or will it........

As soon as December 25th hits Santa's and his elves leave to start there massive gift giving to all the good little boys and girls around the world. There's one thing that I don't think anyones knows which I feel should be in the history books though. He's got a evil sister who wants his ass dead! Her name his SINta Claus!.....yeah I know...crazy isn't idea he had a sister! Now Sinta who lives about 20 miles away from Santa's place creates along with her evil ass dwarves a Powerful ass robot every year to wipe out the old fashioned, perpetually jolly, rosey cheeked, somewhat obese Santa but can't ever seem to kill the milk and cookie eating bastard. Mainly because of these four ass kicking elves that he travels with and a special sword that he carries that can literally cut thru pretty much anything. I believe he purchased that shit from some info-mercail one late night while he was up getting his usual nightly snack. Anyways...Sinta will one day do away with the can't pee straight because his bellies in the way Santa. When she doe's I think we'll all feel the difference.

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