Cartoon Style LORD OF THE RINGS Character Designs Part 2

Fan Artist Francisco Guerrero has created a great second part to his Lord of the Rings cartoon character design series. This time around he features his designs for the main Hobbit characters in the story. This is a on-going series that Guerrero is working on, and hopefully he comes out with a few more! Check out the new designs below, and tell us what you think! Click here to see part one of the series.

Here's a note for the image above:

Frodo is the true protagonist of The Lord of the Rings. Driving sometimes up to five story lines,  Tolkien made us think that Frodo had died somewhere and that forced us to accelerate our reading in order to return to his chapters. This does not downgrade Aragorn, Gandalf and the others, because you feel a connection between them, so you realize that they are buying time for Frodo to fulfill his mission. For me it is a very powerful concept that one so small could do this incredible task. Like any antihero, Frodo is not perfect, he makes mistakes and suffers from an addiction that consumes him until the end of the story.

It is curious that Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin), unlike the other hobbits, didn't have an English accent and I don't think it was due to lack of skill, it is kind of a mistery to me. Beyond that, I think he did a good job, it was a very demanding role in the emotional and physical aspect, unlike many others parts he has played throughout his career. Definitely the most memorable.

The fight with Shelob is one of the chapters of the book you could not stop reading,when you thought all was lost Sam grabs 'the light of Earendil' and Sting to pick up a fight. You could imagine the desperation and fear that goes through his body once he encounters this big horrible monster. Still, he fights. Definitely one of my favorite chapters of the entire book.

These two are the comic relief of the trilogy, at least in the first two films. These two add value to the message of friendship that Frodo and Sam live, but the interesting thing about this relationship is that they take different paths after the chapter of Treebeard, each one growing emotionally by their own will: Merry in Rohan and Pippin in the city of Minas Tirith.

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