Natalie Portman is Pissed that THOR 2 Director Patty Jenkins was Fired

It was a surprise to everyone when Monster director Patty Jenkins was hired to direct Thor 2. Then it was a surprise when it was announced that she was no longer directing Thor 2. We've heard from both sides of the fence that it was a mutual departure due to creative differences and that they parted on good terms, now I'm not so sure. 

According to some insider reports Marvel fired Jenkins, and Thor star Natalie Portman is "deeply upset by the decision." According to THR "sources say Jenkins was fired without warning from a job that would have made her the first woman to direct a superhero tentpole."

Apparently Portman, who strongly urged Marvel to hire Jenkins didn't find out about her firing until the official announcement. Now apparently Portman is wanting to take a break from acting to spend time with her child, but she is contractually obligated to star in Thor 2. One of the main reasons Portman was excited to do the sequel was because of Jenkins involvement. She was "especially proud that she would have played a role in opening the door for a woman to direct such a film." Marvel is now working on trying to do everything they can to "smooth over the situation by including her in discussions about whom to hire as a replacement." At this point Portman is working on the project grudgingly. 

THR goes on to reveal a couple other reasons Jenkins was fired from the project such as,


  • Marvel was concerned that Jenkins was not moving decisively enough and feared the film might miss its November 2013 release date.
  • Marvel felt she showed “a lack of overall clarity in her choices,” which led to concern that the process would be “difficult.”


It seems that one of the main reason Jenkins got the gig in the first place was because of how enthusiastic Portman was about it. It wasn't until they started looking at other screenwriter to do a rewrite of the script that Marvel realized maybe Jenkins was the best choice for them. Regardless, Jenkins reps say that she would still love to make a movie with Marvel.

The studio is now looking at hiring Game of Thrones directors Daniel Minahan or Alan Taylor to take on the project. What are your thoughts on this new light shed on the situation?

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