Tim Burton's SUPERMAN Toy Concept Art

We've already seen a lot of concept designs for the Tim Burton's Superman movie that thankfully never got made. Those costume designs were absolutely ridiculous! I have no idea what Burton was thinking when he cast Nic Cage in the role of Superman, and then created those crazy light up costumes. 

We now have a collection of concept art showing off some of the action figures that were being designed for the movie, and it proves that people were having brain farts all over the place when it came to this movie. 

Here's a note from the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook group:

The designers on the development team at Hasbro Toy Group were responsible for creating designs that could be used in both the movies as well as toys. Working in conjunction with the studios, they developed concepts all the time; Ideas that could be used across both platforms. The team did hundreds of designs for Superman Lives. They also had the design team drawing Supes with cowls, masks, etc.

This would have made one hell of a strange Superman movie, and it would have been interesting to see what it would have looked like had it get made, at the same time I'm glad it didn't. Check out the toy concept art below and tell us what you think! I still don' understand the disco light up Superman suit!

This is designer Ben Torres' rendering for a more "traditional" Superman suit that we would have seen Nic Cage wearing at the start of the film.

The Kryptonian Explorer suit, designed by Brian Eun, which got as far as having several sculpts done for it.

The "light-up" suit, aka the Disco Suit, that Superman would have been wearing at the end of the film. As designed by Ben Torres.

More of the Kryptonian Explorer suit, by Brian Eun.

A few random suit designs, created by Chris Samuels — unclear whether these are based on anything in the film, though.

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