Top 5 Reasons Nicolas Cage will make a bad-ass vigilante in SEEKING JUSTICE

Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film Seeking Justice has just been picked up by Anchor Bay Films. Variety reports that the studio has bought U.S. rights to the thriller and set a  March 16 theatrical release. Roger Donaldson directed the film that also stars January Jones and Guy Pearce.

Cage stars as “a dedicated inner-city high school teacher happily married to an accomplished musician (portrayed by Jones). They enjoy a comfortable life until the wife's brutally assaulted -- leading Cage's character to accept an offer from a man to dispense immediate justice. He's then pulled into an underground vigilante organization.”
In honor of this good news, I have compiled our Top 5 Reasons Nic Cage Will Make A Bad-Ass Vigilante:

5. Nic Cage knows Drama
Yes his roles have not been Oscar worthy as of late, but he does know how to act. This movie is going to require him to show a whole range of emotions, including serious drama.

4. Nic Cage knows No Boundaries
Cage is not afraid to push the envelope with his acting. His cameo in Grindhouse is a perfect example.

3. Nic Cage knows Action
It is too bad that Cage is not part of The Expendables 2 cast. He knows how to handle himself in a fight as can bee seen in Face/Off, The Rock and Con Air

2. Nic Cage knows Crazy
Exhibit A below - Nuff said

1. Nic Cage is KICKASS
Yeah, I know I already said that Cage knows action, but this is true. Cage starred in Kick-Ass, which was one of his better roles.

I like Nicolas Cage and am looking forward to seeing him in this movie. What are your thougths on this news and the list?
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