Trailer for the Horror Thriller KILL LIST

TrailerMovie Horror by Joey Paur

Here's a crazy new trailer for the upcoming horror suspense hitman thriller Kill List. This is a movie I'm really looking foward to seeing. One of our writers, Ben P, recently had an opportunity to see the movie, and this is the opening statement in his review...

Ben Wheatley's Kill List is unquestionably the most deeply disturbing film I've seen in years. It's The Wicker Man - the original, not the godawful Nicolas Cage remake - meets Oldboy, and if you've seen either or both of those films, you know I'm talking about a special kind of effed up subject matter here.

That statement alone sold me on this movie. And as you will see in this trailer this movie looks expremely jacked up. 

Here's the Synopsis:

Eight months after a botched job in Kiev, Jay is an out-of-work hitman with no job, money, health insurance and a wife constantly on his case. But when his business partner Gal comes over for dinner and pressures Jay into taking a new assignment, Jay quickly finds himself back in the game with the promise of a big payoff after three assassinations. Although the hits start off without incident, soon things begin to unravel and Jay's paranoia reveals itself as he is plunged into the heart of darkness. 

The film hits theaters on Febuaray 3rd 2012. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!

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