Superhero Clothing Fashion Designs

Artby Joey Paur

Wonder Woman inspi fashion sketch! Sweet and flirty.

Earlier this week we showed you an awesome piece of Geek Art featuring Wonder Woman lingerie. The same artist that created that also created a great line of superhero clothing designs that I thought you all might like to see. All the art you see here was created by Rinri. Take a look at the fun fashion sketches and tell us what you think! It would be pretty cool to see some of these designs actually get made. 

Robin inspi fashion sketch. 

Kid Flash inspi fashion sketch. Sporty and playfully tough! 

Miss Martian inspi fashion sketch. Cute and sassy(maybe?).

Jason Todd / Red Hood inspi fashion sketch. 

Green Arrow inspi sketch. 

Black Canary inspi sketch. She’s totally one of my fave heroes. 
Augh looks a lot like a Batman inspi sketch too because of the color scheme but I wanted to do Black Canary’s old costume where she had yellow in her outfit. Oh well, still Black Canary to me

Raven inspi fashion sketch. Sassy, 40sish.

Impulse inspi fashion sketch.

Supergirl inspi sketch. Precrisis. Cute and comfortable!