The 3D Bubble - Infographic

TVMovie by Joey Paur

3D is a very popular fad in Hollywood right now, unfortunately many of the movies being released in 3D aren't worth spending our hard earned money for. 3D just isn't over taking the movie theaters though, it's invading our homes with 3D TV's, 3D cable channels, 3D video games and 3D blu-rays.

Here's an infographic that's been created that breaks down all things 3D, and gives us the details on if it's just another fad or if it's here to stay and grow. Personally I'd like to see it just die off, I just can't afford paying the extra cash for crappy 3D movies, and I'm not 100% sold on it. The Infographic is called The 3D Bubble:

Hollywood has gone crazy for 3D, every other movie appears to be “in 3D”, but is this really a revolution or is this just another fad? has taken a look at the 3D movie industry to see if 3D is hear to stay or if the bubble is about to pop!

Our infographic looks at:

  • Industry stats about 3D technology
  • 2D vs 3D TV sales
  • How 3D works
  • The differences between filmed in 3D and converted to 3D
  • Top 3D movies of all times

Take a look at the infographic below and tell us what you think!

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