Daniel Craig Offered Five More Bond Films After SKYFALL?

Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my favorite actors to have played James Bond in the 007 franchise. It looks like I am not alone in liking Craig in the role; People Magazine is reporting that producer Michael G Wilson and the production team have offered Craig a deal for five more Bond films after Skyfall.
James Bond actor Daniel Craig has been offered a multi-million pound deal to become the ­longest serving 007 of all time…

In an ­exclusive interview with The People, Wilson told how he would love him to do five more.

He said: “It’s certainly something we’ll be ­discussing with him once we finish shooting Skyfall. Filming has gone very well so far and I’d love Daniel to surpass Roger’s record and do eight pictures. Daniel’s been an absolute pleasure to be around because he takes the role so seriously. There’s really no one more passionate about making these films work than him – he’s a film maker’s dream.”
Obviously since no formal offer has been made, don’t hold your breath on this being a reality yet. Wilson did reveal some details about the style and tone of Skyfall saying:
The director Sam Mendes and Daniel are taking it back to a 60s feel – more Sean. I think that’s what the fans wanted. There’s a magical Goldfinger feel ­surrounding it all. It’s all very exciting. I can’t wait for people to see the movie because I think we’re making a very special Bond.
This makes complete sense since Skyfall is being released in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Dr. No, the first Bond movie.

Wilson went on to say:
We’d really like to get all six [actors to have been an Eon-movie Bond] together. We’re trying to find a way for fans to celebrate with us ­because they’ve been the reason the Bond films have been the success they have. We’re looking at ways to show off sets from the latest film, as well as props and perhaps give movie master classes for film fans.
What are your thoughts on this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Danie Craig in Skyfall and possibly five more films?
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