Martin Freeman Discusses THE HOBBIT; New Bilbo Baggins Magazine Cover

In my opinion Sherlock star Martin Freeman is the perfect actor to play Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's two Hobbit films. He recently gave a little interview in which he talked about the film, and there's a little low resolution image from the upcoming Total Film Magazine featuring Bilbo on the cover. It's also been officially announced by Warner Bros that the teaser trailer for the film will be released online at 7pm eastern time Tuesday December 20th. 

When asked about feeling the pressure of playing such a iconic story character Freeman said,

I honestly don’t feel that pressure, no. I really, really don’t. Of course, it is Bilbo’s journey, but I didn’t write it. I’m not directing it… It’s not my film. It’s Peter’s film.

So basically Jackson is the one feeling the pressure. Freeman almost wasn't able to do the Hobbit because of his obligations with Sherlock. "I was sad but I thought, ‘I’ll just hate whoever plays Bilbo.” But thankfully everyone was able to adjust their schedules so that he could play the part. The actor then goes on to discuss the challenges he faces while shooting the film...

The hardest thing is staying ‘up’ and peppy when you’re covered in snot or mud, day after day… I’m sure there’s more to come. So far, what we’ve filmed has been more comic than heavy. I keep asking Pete [Jackson], ‘When are we going heavy?’ He assures me it’s coming!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opens on December 14th 2012. This is going to be one hell of an epic movie event! I'm more excited about this than I am The Avengers. How high does The Hobbit rank on your most anticipated list of 2012?

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