STAR WARS: Over 15,000 Czech citizens list "Knights of the Jedi" as official religion!

I love Star Wars, and it is good to know that people all over the world love it as much, if not more. We recently reported how Darth Vader had claimed his free land in the Ukraine, and now THR is reporting that over 15,000 people in Prague listed themselves as followers of the Star Wars-inspired faith in a recent census.

According to the CzechPosition website, the “fewest number of Czechs believing in "the Force," reside in the central region of Vysocina.” The main religion in the region is still Catholicism, with more than 1.08 million followers. The census did show that “around half of the country's population chose not to identify themselves with any organized religion,  but those who did single themselves out as Jedi Knights, did so by writing in their preference.”

Here is what the Czech statistical office said in a statement:

"Many people adhered to the moral values of Jedi knights from the Star Wars saga. We included this option (in the census form) despite a fierce debate over whether it's serious or not. But it's not up to the statisticians to say what is or is not a religion."

This is not a new phenomenon. Iin a 2001 Canadian census 21,000 people affiliated themselves with the Jedi religion, and more than 53,000 people did the same in New Zealand the same year. I actually see nothing wrong with the idea of this news. As long as someone is not giving their soul over to the dark side then I am fine.

What are your thoughts?


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