ROBOPOCALYPSE - Kathleen Kennedy Gives Update on Steven Spielberg's Projects

Steven Spielberg has two movies opening this holiday season, The Adventures of TinTin and War Horse. Spielberg producer Kathleen Kennedy recently spoke to The Playlist (via The Film Stage) and discussed some of their rumored upcoming projects. Kennedy mentioned that they “don’t have a writer yet” for Jurassic Park 4 and stated they are “not writing ‘Indiana Jones’ right now”, when asked about Indiana Jones 5.

The historical epic Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis is currently filming, and next on the schedule is Daniel Wilson‘s Robopocalypse. Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard is putting the finishing touches on the first draft of the script, and is turning it in this month. Here is what Kennedy had to say about that project:
“Steven was very taken with the story. I think there are elements that are similar to ‘A.I.,’ ‘Minority Report,’ things he’s done in the past, and he just views it as the next extension of those kinds of stories.”
Kennedy went on to reveal that production would not start until early 2012:
“We have to wait until the first of the year to sit down and say, ‘Okay, how are we doing this?’ And then we’ll get really immersed in it.”
Robopocalypse is scheduled to arrive in theaters in 2013. Until then we have The Adventures of Tintin opening on December 21, followed by War Horse on Christmas Day. I am interested in seeing just about anything that Spielberg does.

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