Comic Review: JUSTICE LEAGUE #4



We’re back for a review of Justice League #4. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

We return right where we left off last issue. Victor Stone’s armor has fully integrated with his body, and just in time as Darkseid’s parademons are about to kill his dad and the remaining S.T.A.R. Labs staff. Since Victor has no clue what’s going on, his armor reacts defensively with its crazy weaponry and murderizes his attackers. When things quiet down a bit, Silas Stone explains to his son what exactly happened and why half of his body is now made of military-grade cybernetics. To say that Victor is not happy with all his new situation is an understatement. So naturally, he runs off in a flurry of teenage angst.

And along the way, he runs into more parademons. Only this time, Victor’s cybernetic armor interfaces with one of them and finds out its mission objectives. Let's just say that none of those objectives are of the peaceful variety. Wow, Victor Stone has had the worst day ever.

Back to the rest of the Justice League, Aquaman has now joined the scene, which now includes Superman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Aquaman details how Darkseid’s forces rudely started building a fortress in his ocean and are definitely bringing their hostages there.

It seems that while everyone else believed Aquaman was another urban legend, Batman of course knew of his existence.

The League still has no official name or affiliation, but it is acknowledged that a general leader is needed, which both Aquaman and Batman jockey for. But that can’t be decided until they not only deal with this parademon invasion, but also find a way to shake off the U.S. Army helicopters now shooting at both them and Darkseid’s parademons.

As the League takes down the Army choppers without injuring anyone, Cyborg appears on the scene disoriented and nearly out of it. Guess we got the whole gang together. And just in time too, as Darkseid finally makes his first full appearance to personally deal with the newly formed Justice League!

What worked:
I like how the League is still figuring out their structure and is not quite gelling yet. But everyone realizes that given the situation, they clearly need to work together on this. Plus, the whole main roster for the Justice League is finally together. The bits of humor with Green Lanten are good (him touching Wonder Woman's lasso and speaking way too much truth), but Geoff Johns needs to be careful to not turn Hal into a blustery caricature of himself. 

Also, Darkseid’s new outfit looks AWESOME. I guess we’ll have to wait until issue 5 to see if his powers are different at all.

And finally, when does Jim Lee’s artwork not look amazing? It’s a moot point now.

What didn’t work:
I understand the expediency and the need to get everyone together, but the formation of the League still feels a bit rushed and forced. Let’s hope the League gets to figure out its place and structure after the Darkseid storyline ends in issue #6.

Final Thoughts:
Another solid issue with the league now unofficially yet fully formed and Darkseid finally appearing to take on the Justice League. Can’t wait until issue #5! See you guys then.


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