Could a Third GREMLINS Be on the Horizon?

The question may be, do you want to see a new Gremlins movie? Moviehole is reporting that Warner Bros. has renewed the domain, which they have owned since 2009. This does not mean that a new film is definitely coming our way, but the studio renewed domains for Green Lantern ( and The Hangover (, both of which are being made.

It is also rumored that the studio has reserved domains for the following: Blade Runner 2, Lost Boys 4, Police Academy 8, Lethal Weapon 5 and The Goonies 2. Just about everything that the studio has bought domain-wise has been announced or is in development.

Director Joe Dante is not on good terms with WB, so he has stated that he does not expect to be asked back to direct a third film. Dante had this to say about the idea of more Gremlins films:
I’m constantly asked ‘why the hold up on Gremlins 3? And that’s because those films were such products of the technology at the time. The movie was more limited and created by technology. They were puppets. The storylines, then, were based around what we could do with the Gremlins. Now, of course, anything is possible but it becomes a little more difficult to hone it on what your storyline would be. First of all, I won’t be asked. Second of all, I wouldn’t bring back the original cast because it’s been too long – the kids now would be familiar with the title, and familiar with Gizmo and Stripe, but as far as the actual [live-action] characters and story, they don’t know them.. it.
I would be willing to bet that this may be more of a reboot than a true third film in the franchise.The studio could set up a redirect from that domain to a new site that represents the name of the movie. On the other hand, the studio could be covering all of their bases for possible future projects. Either way, I am interested in seeing a third film.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a new Gremlins?
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