MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Is Being Pushed Forward

It's really no surprise that Paramount Pictures and Skydance want to make a fifth Mission: Impossible movie. After all, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol ended up being an awesomely entertaining movie, and on top of that it was a commercial success! Moviehole recently spoke with an inside studio source who said,

they’re “extremely happy” with how well the film was doing (going so far as to suggest it might be the big money-maker of the Christmas period; Personally, I think “The Muppets” and “Tintin” are forces to be reckoned with) and that they’ve heard “Skydance definitely wants to get going quickly on [Mission] 5. And a Top Gun” with Tom. Paramount are onboard for both.

The end of Ghost Protocol definitely suggests that a fifth movie would be made, and that Cruise would be back to reprise his role as Ethan Hunt. There was a lot of speculation that this would not be the case after Jeremy Renner was cast in the movie. There was a possibility that he would end up taking over the franchise. Not anymore. Pegg offered some insight on this in a previous interview,

I think that might have been the plan earlier on, but as the film progressed and we enjoyed it so much I think the idea of Ethan Hunt retiring fell by the wayside. Tom [Cruise] suddenly remembered why he loved doing these films so much and suddenly thought ‘well maybe I do want to do more?’.

If “Mission : Impossible 5″ does become a reality (and all signs suggest it will), Pegg says he’d “love to be part of that gang” again. And he says “It’d be nice to see them go into a mission a little better equipped and prepared and have some things that actually work”, as opposed to what goes on in the latest film.

After seeing Ghost Protocol I hoped that we would get to see another one. It would be great to see this team get back together taking on impossible missions, but only if the same people are involved. I want J.J. Abrams and Brad Bird back to develop the story and direct the film. At one point Bird was offered a suggestion to bring Leonard Nimoy back as his old character from the original TV series in the fifth film, to that he said, 

Hey man, what a good idea! cross pollinating the bad robot films!”, Bird says of bringing ‘Paris’ back from the classic series. “I’ll bring that up with JJ. I’ll be sure to discuss it.”

Hopefully he does bring that up with JJ because that will mean that Bird would be back and activily developing the fifth Mission: Impossible film. Would you like to see a Mission: Impossible 5 happen?

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