COMMUNITY Cast Re-imagined As More BATMAN Heros!

Here's another great piece of geek art that reimagines the cast of NBC's Community as several more Batman heros. The piece above was created by Ben Deguzman, who is an animator that worked on the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.  He previously created a piece that we posted showing the cast of Community as Batman villains. Check out the picture above and tell us what you think!

Here's a note from the artist:

Took awhile to hash out who was going to be who.

- Britta as Batwoman (May be shortsighted of me... but felt it was appropriate with Britta's brief dabbling in the lesbian world)
- Jeff as Harvey Dent (Kind of boring, I know... however, I plan on a second Bat Villain piece, so it should play out well then)
- Chang as Robin (Originally he was going to be Commisioner Gordon since he's a figure of authority now... but visually I dont feel that would of been all that funny. His hair, though, made him perfect for the 60's TV version of Robin)
- Annie as Batgirl (I like this since she makes up a roommate triumvirate with Abed and Troy now... parallels Bruce/Dick/Barbara from the 60s)
- Abed as Batman (Duh)
- Troy as Nightwing (I completely refused to make Troy Robin... even though it probably would of made sense. But I felt since Donald Glover has been raised to Spider-Man caliber, he deserved to be someone bad-ass)
- Pierce as Alfred (If there was ever a Batman parody I would have no problem with Chevy Chase filling in Michael Caine's role)
- Shirley and Dean Pelton as Catwoman (Really wanted to do Yvette Brown as a tribute to Eartha Kitt. And similar to the beginning number of Seasn 3, ep. 1, wanted Dean Pelton to come and steal Shirley's diva thunder. Ironically, I had him choose the sluttier Halle Berry version)

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