How to Speak Wookiee - Book Demo Video

Here's a video demo of a fun looking Star Wars inspired book called How to Speak Wookiee. This might be perfect for any of you looking to learn; I'm just not sure exactly how it's supposed to teach you. It will still be fun for the kids regardless. Although, it might get really annoying having the kids running around the house growling like Wookiees all day.

Here's the description of the book:

With intergalactic travel easier than ever, Wookiees can now be found on nearly every planet in the galaxy and on starships everywhere in between. This helpful guide teaches citizens of the galaxy key phrases in the Wookiee language, eliminating near-fatal encounters with notoriously short-tempered Wookiees while smoothing the way to lasting partnerships and friendships. The handy sound module—recorded by Chewbacca himself!—demonstrates proper pronunciation of ten key phrases.

Check out the demo video below and let us know what you think!

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