PROMETHEUS Trailer: What Is It Telling Us?



I saw the Prometheus trailer last week, Ridley Scott's first sci-fi flick in years. Its also supposed to be a kinda prequel to the Aliens films.

My thoughts?

Meh. Can't say I'm all that impressed.

I mean, yes the special effects and the scope of what they are trying to do looks cool. Plus, its great to finally see some epic sci-fi on the silverscreen again that doesn't start or end with 'Star'. Also, the movie has a damn good cast (Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Michael Fassbender to name a few).

But, as Lainey Gossip mentioned before, if the fanboy in me had not scoured the Interwebs for details on the plot (which is still not that clear), I'd know nothing about the movie at all. And what the trailer shows me are only rapid images of space and pretty people running around screaming from all types of danger.

How different is that from any other astro-horror flicks that have come before it? (Event Horizon and Sunshine being good examples.)

After a lukewarmly received teaser, the second The Dark Knight Rises trailer reveals much more without giving away the whole plot. But at the same time, the Batman movies have more recentness in the eyes of consumers.

Even though Prometheus is tied to the Alien franchise, that doesn't hold much capital in many people's minds, especially after how poorly received that last two Aliens movies were.

Most of the viewers that Prometheus is targeting need to be wowed by whatever this movie has to offer, especially with how crowded the summer of 2012 is going to be with fanboy-anticipated films. In short, the next trailer needs to be a stunner that tells us a lot more about Prometheus, but without revealing the whole damn movie plot. By that's just my opinion.

What do you guys think?


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