Top 10 Pirated Films of 2011

Movieby Joey Paur

There's a lot of people in this world that don't believe in paying to see movies. It's hard to blame them though, going to the movies is just getting too damn expensive these days, especially with the extra cost of seeing a film in 3D or in IMAX. I don't condone stealing movies at all, I'm completely against it. I'm just saying I can see why people don't want to have to pay for them. Every year Hollywood loses a ton of money because of these pirated films, but it looks like illegal downloads are down from last year

Fast Five leads the pack this year with 9,260,00 downloads followed by The Hangover II, Thor, Source Code, I Am Number Four, Sucker Punch, 127 Hours, Rango, The King's Speech, and Death Hallows Part II. Check out the chart below for all the details. 

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