Sci Fi Brothel 'Alien Cathouse' Coming To Nevada?

I'm not sure how many of our readers will be into this news, but I feel I'm doing a disservice to the community it I don't report on it. Alien Cathouse, one of the first sci-fi inspired cathouses, will be coming to Las Vegas, Nevada sometime next year.

The owner, Dennis Hof (who apparently owns the Moonlite Bunny Ranch?), is teaming up with Madam Heidi Fleiss to bring you the "ultimate sci-fi experience".

Featuring girls donning costumes from Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other sci-fi elements, the place promises to recreate various fantasies of any geek...for a price of course.

It seems odd...but then again who better to promote to than a community who has been known to spend thousands of dollars on frivolous items to begin with?

My only hope is they can recreate my fantasy.


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