25 Posts Of Geek Christmas Day 7: My Favorite Geeky Gifts As A Child

Rantby Mick Joest

"I don't know about you guys, but I've never had a gift wrapped this fancy."

I just came to the realization today that I've been a geek my whole life. The evidence? What started as an innocent list of my favorite toys soon became an homage to some of the geekiest icons of the 90's. So prepare for some flashback nostalgia because this list is going to bring back memories.

The list by the way is in no particular order. I feel guilty about rating the significance of my toys ever since I witnessed the bad blood between Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Feel free to upload photo's or comment on your favorite toys of yesteryear as well...can't let me have all the fun.

Tiger 2XL

I had no idea this thing was a learning toy when I was a child. Maybe it was the immense amount of fun I had playing it, or the amount of verbal abuse I would take upon answering a question wrong. With such encouraging phrases as, "Your brain should be donated to a meatloaf factory," this was one of the better products in the Tiger electronics era.

Gameboy Color

Was it just me or did Nintendo release the best color scheme ever for Gameboy Color? They just looked cool as hell to be seen around town with! Plus, it was these babies that were out when Pokemon Red and Blue first came state side, and who of us can forget that time in our life? Or the weird commercials for it.


Mighty Max Action Figures

I WASN'T PLAYING WITH POLLY POCKETS DAMMIT!!!!...well I hope at least some other boys were tricked like me into playing with this toy because I thought Mighty Max was awesome back in the day. The horror themed insides with the monster face cases allowed for maximum imagination, and total denial that I was playing with a disguised girl toy.


Power Ranger Head Changing Action Figures

"Kimberly...you taught me that all women keep their second head inside their chest.

No I did not own Kimberly. I don't know how long it took me to get a Jason (red) one but I got it. Probably because most kids wanted Tommy (green), but I thought he was a douche clown from day one. Opinions aside, these are in my opinion the best action figures to ever hit the market. Why? Watch the badassery below ala cute Asian kid.



I KNEW THIS EXISTED (although the photo's pretty blurry for conspiracy theorists)! They said I was crazy, but I knew this was in my child hood at some point! This was one of my all time favorite toys although it wasn't too fair though as turtles have wider chests than American born evil ninjas. This resulted in Michelangelo taking quite the pounding on a regular basis to the point his head literally ejected from his body and flew across the room. Evil triumphed and my father laughed as 5 year old me lost all faith in humanity.


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