SPAWN Movie being Pursued by Academy Award Winning Actor

Todd McFarlane has been talking about making a new Spawn film for YEARS. It's something I would love to see happen, but at the rate it's going it looks like it will never end up happening. That doesn't stop McFarlane from continuing to talk about it though. Spawn could really use a hell of a good film adaptation, because that 1997 film sucked ass.

During a recent interview, McFarlane gave a little update on his Spawn movie revealing that there's a big name Academy Award winning actor that approached him about it who wants to be a part of it. 

We had an Academy Award winning actor come up to the office the other day who's interested being involved with it. He gave me his pitch on what he wanted to do with it and I sort of walked him through what I wanted to do. They could see that the guy who created it knows the audience better than they do. They know how it goes. They left even more interested then when they came. So they're just waiting going "Todd, give me the script and let's rock and roll." He was saying the exact same thing as everyone else. "Get that damn script in my hand and let's go."

We have no idea who this actor could be, but the search is easily narrowed down to anyone that has won an Academy Award in the last 10 to 15 years. It sounds like this could very well be the start of actually getting the ball rolling on this awesomeness. But as of right now it all comes down to the script. They want to see the script... so where is the script?

Yeah, sadly I keep getting distracted with stuff. I'm going to have to set time aside to nail this thing down because I have too many people waiting for the script.

So, what that statement basically tells me is that McFarlane is obviously not motivated enough to finish it. I guess he's in no rush to make the movie. I guess he doesn't really have to, it's not like he needs the money. As a fan of the Spawn series I would love to see a new movie get made. I guess we just have to hope that he motivates himself to finish this whole think up so we can see this movie get made already!The fans are waiting!

For those of you who want to know how is is going to approach this new Spawn film, here's some details he gave in a previous interview. Read over it and tell us what you think!

I’ve always seen Spawn as being cut from a different cloth. It’s more of an urban, psychological story that’s being told. The answer I’ve given the last few years is that Spawn should be a small-budget movie in which the only thing that’s out of the ordinary is this thing that intellectually we know as Spawn and there would only be a handful of people that see it. I call it “it” because it never talks, it’s just a force of nature. Really, the story revolves around the people who are trying to decide: “Is the ghost alive? Is the shadow actually moving?” When I give that pitch, some of the executives scratch their heads. To a lot of people, a movie where the [title] character doesn’t talk doesn’t make any sense. There have been a few movies like that. Alien, you know, that guy didn’t say much. Or Jaws, the shark didn’t have too many speaking lines. Jaws is the closest example, the movie wasn’t about the shark, it’s about the people chasing the shark.

The idea I pitch is that the movie shouldn’t be about superheroes and laser beams — it’s about the id of people and the group of people caught up in the story and seeing things out of the corner of their eye. And when I give the pitch, I also say that I will write and direct it. There’s the nonnegotiable pieces of it. Then I have four suitors who say, “Yeah, cool, when do we start?” It means we’re not looking for a $20-million actor and we’re not looking for a big-budget extravaganza with lots of special effects.

The story that I pitch is very tight, very contained, but done right. I want a movie that gets people’s hearts racing. I want to scare them. Spawn, done right, is a creepy character. Instead of a superhero who just stands there. That’s why Batman was always the coolest of all the good guys. I never had one moment of affinity for [Superman]. He was a Boy Scout right from the moment he hit the ground. He was always polite and said the right thing. I never felt like he was in danger because he could spin planets on his finger. Batman is a guy who could die if you threw him out of a window. More than that, even though he had women throwing themselves at him and millions of dollars, all he wanted to do was to wait until 3 a.m. and the pitch of black and say, “time to put the costume on and scare the bad guys.” I relate way more to that guy. Spawn is Batman untethered, without the corporation behind it. Batman without limits, Batman who kills the Joker.

Spawn is a spectre, a sentinel, he’s that thing that nobody can get their hands on. As a kid growing up, the movies I was enamored with were the creepy movies where there’s only one creepy thing. Going back to the black-and-white films, way back, “Dracula” and “Frankenstein,” there was only one fantastical element. The title character. Dr. Frankenstein and Igor were just a madman and simpleton. They were still humans. When you start adding others to it, it loses me. The son of the Wolf Man or the bride of Frankenstein, even, it loses it. I likeThe Exorcist. I like Rosemary’s Baby. A little bit of the fantastic and then everything else was real. You went for the ride and felt like, “If there was a ghost in the house, this is what it would be like.”

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