THE LONE RANGER - Main Cast is Being Locked Down

Director Gore Verbinski and Disney are currently in the process of locking down the cast for The Lone Ranger, which recently got the official green light after lowing the budget to a huge $216 million dollars. I still don't understand why they need that much money to make a western. This will be the most expensive western film ever made. Cowboys & Aliens only had a budget of about $160, and that had a ton of special effects and sci-fi elements and it bombed at the box office. I have a feeling The Lone Ranger is going to bomb as well. 

As far as the cast goes all of the original cast members announced or who were in talks waited around for everything to fall into place. According to Deadline, "Disney has closed a deal with Ruth Wilson, the Luther star courted to play the female lead alongside Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Now, Tom Wilkinson is closing in on a deal to play lead villain Latham Cole. The studio is also workout out deals with Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham Carter, James Badge Dale and Dwight Yoakum."

Do you think this Lone Ranger movie is going succeed or fail at the box office? Do you think $216 million dollars is to high of a budget for a western? 

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