Top Five Badass Prison Movies - Armie Hammer joins BY VIRTUE FALL

Prison movies can evoke a mixture of emotions from an audience - from an adrenaline rush from the action to terror from the fear for your life. Either way, prison movies really remind me of why I do not want to ever go to jail.  
Armie Hammer has been cast in By Virtue Fall, according to Deadline. He will play “an ATF agent framed on a corruption beef and sent to a maximum security federal prison. He turns into a badass to survive, and when he emerges from that hellhole, he devotes himself to getting revenge on the person who destroyed his life: his former partner (Eric Bana).”

This role will be  much darker turn than that of The Lone Ranger and the upcoming Mirror Mirror. Check out my list of Top Five Badass Prison Movies in honor of Hammer becoming a badass for this role:

5. Bronson
Tom Hardy stars in this intensely disturbing film from director Nicholas Winding Refn. If you are a fan of Hardy and liked Refn’s Drive, you need to see this movie.

4. Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman is at his best in this movie. I will never forget the egg eating scene in this movie.

3. Bad Boys
The name of this movie says it all. Sean Penn is a true badass in this violent look at prison from the perspective of a teenager that loses his way.

2. Felon
Felon is really close to By Virtue Falls in some respects. Stephen Dorff stars as a contruction worker that is sent to prison after killing an intruder and protecting his family. He is sent to a maximum security prison and is forced to fight in an underground fighting league run by the guards. Val Kilmer stars in this film in one of his better roles as of late.

1. Shawshank Redemption
Another prime example of wrongly accused inmates takes place in this classic film. I love Frank Darabont and this is his best film. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman lead this awesome ensemble cast.

This movie is the directorial debut of Sheldon Turner who co-wrote Up In The Air. I loved that movie, but this seems a lot more gritty and dark, which is right up my alley. I think Hammer is a solid actor and this movie will give him a chance to really prove his range.

What are your thoughts on this casting news? Do you agree with my list of Top Five Badass Prison Movies?
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