Top Five Directors Influenced by Hitchcock - Alfred Hitchcock Biopic Moving Forward

It looks like the long-gestating Alfred Hitchcock biopic is finally moving forward. THR reports that Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho will be directed by Sasha Gervasi (Anvil! The Story of Anvil) and is being set up at Fox Searchlight. Anthony Hopkins is attached to play Hitchcock and Helen Mirren, who will play the filmmaker's wife, Alma Reville.

If you read the site you know that Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favorite directors so I decided to put together a list of my Top Five Directors That Have Been Influenced By Alfred Hitchcock:

5. David Lynch
When I watched Twin Peaks and his films like Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive I felt like I was seeing so many elements of Hitchcock in them.

4. M. Night Shymalan
Just about every movie Shyamalan has done, could have been done better by Hitchcock. The Village, Unbreakable or Lady in the Water for instance.

3. Steven Spielberg
A perfect example of this is Spielberg’s Jaws that uses a zoom/shrinking depth of field.

2. Brian DePalma
Just about every film of DePalma’s has elements of Hitchcock in them. Body Double is similar in a lot of ways to Rear Window, one of my favorite Hitchcock movies of all time.

1. David Fincher
I love David Fincher’s work and think that his movies The Game, Panic Room and Se7en had to have some influences by Hitchcock.

John McLaughlin (Black Swan) penned the script along with Stephen Robello, who wrote the non-fiction book this film is based on. The story follows the “relationship between Hitchcock and his wif. It tracks how Hitchcock, at the height of his game as a director, decided to make a "lowly" horror movie. No studio wanted to touch it initially, so Hitchcock scrounged for financing by himself. The movie, of course, became one of his biggest hits and one of the most influential of all time.”

Psycho is a great movie, but it is actually one of my least favorite Hitchcock movies. This sounds like an interesting film that I will definitely see. I think Hopkins will do great as Hitchcock. What are your thoughts on this and my list of directors?


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