12 Awesome Geeky Tattoos- Geektyrant's Inked Readers

We asked for you to submit your geeky tattoos to us and you guys came through big time! All kinds of geekery can be found here: anime, comic books, movies, video games, and even this incredible Star Trek/Doctor Who/Star Wars mashup belonging to Mandy Curtis! Check out the rest below with the descriptions and the living canvases who don them. Oh and don't worry if you missed this batch, you can still send some to me via email or twitter.

Scott Gammon- "Captain Rex"

Cody Wood- "Darth Vader"

Amy Mcguire- "Rebel Alliance"

Meagan- "Pixels"

Alex Lane- "Spiderman, Captain America, Wolverine"

Alex Lane- "Hulk, Thor, Iron Man"

Charles Goad- "Paragon" (Mass Effect)

Heather- Left ankle: "Elvish from LOTR" Right ankle: "Seal of Rassilon" (Doctor Who)

Bradleigh Booth- "Vegeta"

Bradleigh Booth- "Prince Namor and Me as a villainess."


Bradleigh Booth- "Star Trek"

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