Five Reasons Neil Marshall is the perfect director to take us to HELL in HELLFEST

Movie Neil Marshall by Jim Napier
Neil Marshall is one director I would travel to Hell with, so it’s great news that he looks like he may direct a new horror movie called Hellfest for CBS Films. Deadline reports that the Dog Soldier director is in early talks to direct the project about “a costumed killer who systematically slaughters the unsuspecting visitors who come to a theme park on Halloween night.” The script was penned by William Penick and Chris Sey, and  is planned as a franchise.

I for one, hope this movie becomes a reality and have decided to put a quick list of reasons why Marshall would be the perfect director to take us to HELL.

5. Terror
He is great with creating a tone of sheer terror in movies like The Descent and Dog Soldiers

4. Scripting
He is a great writer and even though he did not pen this script, I believe he will be able to create the perfect tone.

3. Axelle Carolyn
Marshall and Carolyn are now married. Carolyn is a writer and actress who starred in Doomsday and Centurion (and died brilliantly in both). Hopefully the movie will have room for a part for her.

2. Action
Marshall will be able to add a nice levelof action to Hellfest. If you doubt me, check out Centurion and Doomsday - both have some badass fight sequences with epic scope.

1. Blood
Marshall does not shy away from blood, which is what a good horror film franchise needs to have lots of in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think that Neil Marshall will be the best director for Hellfest?
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