Re-imagined APOCALYPSE NOW Movie Poster Art

Check out these fantastic re-imagined movie posters for Francis Ford Coppola‘s classic Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. The posters were created by illustrator Tim Doyle. Unfortunately, prints for these posters are already sold out, but it doesn't mean you still can't bask in their napalm glory. 

Doyle did a great little write-up about this poster on his official site. Here's a few things that he had to say,

Back in Early December, I was asked to produce a print for the always-excellent-to-deal-with to promote the Astor Theatre’s screening of Apocalypse Now coming up in February.  The Astor is in Australia, and I’m stuck here in dumb ‘ol Austin.  Sigh.  My artwork goes all the cool places, and I’m here.

In a film as visually rich and diverse in location as Apocalypse Now, I didn’t feel my usual ‘pick a great scene, and reinterpret it from another angle’ that I’ve been doing lately.  It’d been a while since I did what I feel is a traditional movie poster, and wanted to show that I’m not a one-trick pony.  I hate working in one style all the time.  I did that ‘Murray x6? print a while back, showing that I can nail a likeness no problem, and then spent the next year or so purposefully avoiding portraiture almost entirely, focusing more on environments and setting.  With this one, I wanted to throw in some likenesses, montage/collage and design, and really kick it out.  A lot of artists work in one style or deal with a predictable subject matter time and time again.  It can be important for branding purposes- as it makes the artist quickly recognizable.

Make sure to head on over to Doyles blog to read the rest of the process he went through to create this poster.