Val Kilmer To Star Alongside Jon Gries, His REAL GENIUS Co-Star In New Film

Val Kilmer is set to star alongside his fellow Real Genius star Jon Gries for a new film titled Deep In Heart.

The film is about a real-life alcoholic who reinvents himself and puts hundreds of kids through college via his charitable donations. Gries stars as Richard Wallrath, a Texas entrepreneur who is the biggest all-time individual donor to that state's 4-H and Future Farmers of America organizations.

I loved Real Genius, the characters were great and it's a true classic and one of the main reasons Kilmer's a star today. He played a genius college student named Chris who mentored his much younger roommate while working on a high powered laser beam. Gries played a reclusive genius ex-graduate student who lived in Chris' closet. Gries is best known for his role as Uncle Rico, in the 2004 hit Napoleon Dynamite.

This new film will star Kilmer as a character known only as "The Bearded Man," and he resides in Wallrath's mind as a "Christ-like figure" to help him on his path to recovery, according to producer Scott Duthie.

"Val is one of those rare actors who drove himself to the set and always got there on time. A real pleasure to work with," Duthie said Monday from the Texas set.

The film also features a cameo of Texas Gov. Rick Perry playing himself by basically reenacting an awards ceremony where Wallrath was the guest of honor.

"Wallrath is an alcoholic who hit rock bottom and lost everything, then reinvented himself, re-established his relationships with his family and built a multimillion-dollar business," Duthie said.

The movie is being helmed by Young Guns director Christopher Cain. It's the third collaboration in a row for Cain and Duthie, having made September Dawn and Pure Country 2: The Gift together.

"The stories involving real-life inner struggles with positive moral messages always attract me," Duthie said.

No distributor is attached to Deep in the Heart.

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