LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars looks lik it's going to be a pretty epic LEGO video game. This trailer shows off just how big the scope will be. This could be the most epic LEGO video game yet. The game will feature missions and characters from the Clone Wars animated TV series, as well as favorite characters from the original Star Wars saga, in both single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes.

Watch the new gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think!

The gameplay will be similar to previous titles in TT Games' Lego series, in which up to two players switch between different characters in order to fight enemies, solve puzzles, progress through various levels, and it introduces a few novelties, includingscene swap, where players switch between teams in separate locations to complete multi-part objectives, and boss battles. The game will also feature some real-time strategy elements, such as commanding of large ground armies across battlefields. Also, the space fights have been remodelled to use a more instinctive, 3D-space battle sensation. It is set during the Clone Wars animated series, as well as certain scenes from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Overall, the game engine used by previous Lego Star Wars games has been upgraded; now, it can hold more than 200 moving units/objects on-screen; the graphics are more detailed than before, and the lightning has been improved to enhance the feeling of depth. New features include scenarios in which players can command large armies of clones to battle against Droid armies, and Story Swap mode, in which players can switch between two characters in different areas whose stories run simultaneously. The game will include split screen combat. All new character features include lightsaber throwing, lightsaber slicing, picking up droids and stepping on certain pads in which jedi do "combo moves" to destroy certain objects. Vehicle levels have been upgraded slightly: now, players can land their ship and begin fighting on foot. All the original elements seen in previous Lego Star Wars games have returned. The hub has also been changed, taking place in the star destroyer named The Resolute, allowing the character to explore all the parts of the Star Wars galaxy.

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