Is there a WORLD OF WARCRAFT Theme Park being Built?

There are reports of a new theme park being developed in China called JoyLand, and apparently it's going to include themed areas designed after video games such as World of Warcraft and StarCraft. There are no actual pictures of the park but according to the official site it's suppose to open in May 2011. I'm not sure how legit this is because you'ld think there would be a ton of photos of the actual park being released, but I couldn't find anything. Blizzard also hasn't said anything regarding any kind of licencing, so who knows what's really going on.

The areas mentioned on the Joyland website are Hero Gate, Taobao Avenue, Mysterious Island, Moore Park, World of Legend (a popular Chinese MMO), Universe of StarCraft, the Terrain of Warcraft, Moles World and Temple Mount. 

Even if this was real, I would probably never go to it anyway. I don't travel out to China that often.

Check out the concept art below and hit us up with any thoughts you might have.


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