Filipino and American Film Team To Produce New Horror Thriller DARKEST NIGHT

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For Immediate Release February 11, 2011- Filipino and American Film Team To Produce New Horror Thriller.


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Gothic Productions International, a Philippine company funded by U.S. independent resources, will be producing a horror film titled “Darkest Night” in Luzon, starting on April 18, 2011. The film will have almost all Filipino actors, as well as American DJ Perry of “The 8th Plague,” “Wicked Spring” and many other popular U.S. horror films. 


GPI was founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated filmmakers from Asia and the U.S., with the mission to produce and encourage quality, independent Gothic and horror films in an Asian setting. Its goal is to make excellent films in these genres and to promote Asian filmmakers who wish to create new, cutting-edge Gothic-dramatic films. In keeping with its primary goal to create productions with intense drama and real characters, GPI is proud to present its latest film, “Darkest Night.” 


“Darkest Night” is directed by experienced Filipino director, Noel Tan. It is written and produced by U.S. screenwriter, Russ Williams. Tan has 20 years of experience in creating quality drama on film and working with skilled actors. He has done directing work in other parts of Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Malaysia, where he directed photography for a variety of video programs for cable television, such as The Disney Channel, “Chef for Hire,” “I Will Survive” and (Web TV). He also worked as co-director and videographer for “Manny Pacquiao's First MTV.” Williams has been a career writer for 30 years. In 1995, he began film-making in Los Angeles, including screenwriting and producing.

 In this film, GPI is happy to announce that DJ Perry, an edgy leading man from the U.S., will be playing the leading actor role, Ken Tyler. Perry has starred in several American horror/thrillers, as well as westerns and dramatic period pieces. Some of his better-known films include “G.P.S.,” “An Ordinary Killer,” “Book of Ruth, Journey of faith” and Lionsgate’s 2008 hit “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town.” Perry co-starred in director M.R. Shahjahan’s thriller “Karma Crime, Passion, Reincarnation,” produced by Golden Ticket Films & Picture Perfect Films and released theatrically across India in 2009. Perry actively seeks projects to bridge audiences from east and west. He and his company, Collective Development, Inc., will be handling the film’s marketing and distribution in North America and the U.K. 

The leading actress role, Susan Reyes, will be played by French-Filipina Anne Gauthier. Always passionate about theater and film, she has a truly international background, including having lived in several countries. She took acting courses in France at the well-renowned Cours Florent and Acting International. She has performed in several commercials in the Philippines for Globe telecom and PhCare, as well as acting in plays and independent film. Her varied background makes her an open-minded and curious person, always eager to travel and discover other cultures. 


“Darkest Night” has its roots in horror styles and moods from many eastern and western traditions. Filmed in a “found video and documentary” style, ”Darkest Night” depicts a family holiday reunion at an isolated home in the Sagada Mountains. The family's celebration is shattered by bizarre, supernatural and tragic terrors no one can explain. This film is a psychological horror story with intense family drama, suspense, action and shock.


“Darkest Night” combines western demons with eastern spiritual traditions. The GPI website contains

additional information about “Darkest Night” at:


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