Review: RAYMOND DID IT (2011)

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When I sat down to watch the indie horror film Raymond Did It I really didn’t have high expectations, just being honest. What I got was a great horror movie from Travis Legge and company. The story is about a mentally challenged kid who gets blamed for his brothers death, he then gets shipped off to a hospital for years and then breaks out to get some revenge.

Kyle  Hoskins plays Raymond and he pulls this character off really well even though he doesn’t say very much, he makes the character his own. His only friend is Tammy  (Lindsay Felton) who is really the only likable  character in the film, other than Raymond. When I say likable, I mean “good guy”. The rest just have it coming to them, you know the kind. Indie horror darling Elissa Dowling pulls her evil character Paige off perfectly! Makes you wonder, hhmmm.

Raymond makes his quiet return for revenge and one by one takes care of business. What I loved about Raymond’s kills is they are creative and imaginative, we haven’t seen most of these  kills before in a horror movie and that’s always refreshing for true horror fans. Without spoiling anything, all I’ll say is; shower curtain, lawn mower, washing machine, (and it’s not turned on delicates people)!

The only weak part of Raymond Did It is it had a few slow scenes (fillers) but not enough to stall it down for too long. The rest of the story draws you in and makes you wonder what the quiet giant is going to do next. The film is shot really well and another thing I always look for in micro-budget films is the sound quality, which in this case is perfect! The FX are great!

Bottom line is Raymond Did It is one of those films you can watch more than once, which is always nice for a horror movie. It’s a great film and if you get a chance be sure you catch it!

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