INDIANA JONES 5 and TERMINATOR 5 Teaser Trailer (?)

WARNING: This is a fan-made teaser trailer for movies that have NOT been made yet.  If you think this trailer is for a real movie coming out in 2014, then may the gods have mercy on your soul...

What happens when two famous franchises unite to tell the penultimate storyline of archaeology and time travel?  Well, you get INDIANA JONES AND THE SKULL OF JOHN THE BAPTIST coupled with TERMINATOR: LEGACY!

Watch as the Terminator hunts down the grandparents of Resistance leader John Connor (Bale) in 1960.  His grandparents are none other than Mutt Jones (LaBeouf) and Samantha Connor (Seyfried), who happen to be on an archaeological dig with Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones (Ford).

Also in the mix is Superman (Hamm), Agent 007 (Lazenby) and SuperRoboCop (Weller)!

Leer into the comments section on how you feel about this poorly-made yet mind-blowingly brilliant trailer.  Also let us know how you would interpret the INDIANA JONES/TERMINATOR franchises.  Speculation is the first step to imagination!

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