The Great Gatsby NES:Play it Online!

"A game for 'The Lost Generation'...too geeky?"

Disclaimer: Always read at least sparknotes and don't rely on video games to tell you the full story of literary classics, it'll keep you from looking like an assclown in front of your teacher.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to classic literature, (ie:Inferno) I take mine with a much more entertaining video game (ie:Dante's Inferno).

So it's really cool to know that now when I want to relive a timeless classic of one of the greatest American novelists, I can go to this site and get through it in four levels!

Nintendo (surprisingly) never made or published this game like the website claims, but was instead developed by San Francisco developer Charlie Hoey. Check it out and learn about what it was like to live in The Jazz Age of America.

"Kids are doin the Charleston in the fountains?! Scandalous deviants."


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