Adventurous Lara Croft Cosplay Photos

Jenn has taken cosplay to a whole new level with the photo's she's taken of herself as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. She really puts herself out there by hanging off a 165-foot waterfall, making this one very unique adventurous cosplayer. 

Here's a note from Jenn from her Deviant Art page,

My name is Jenn and I have been cosplaying since 2001, mainly as Lara Croft. I like to take my photoshoots to extremes, sometimes doing something very dangerous just to get the shot. I love being active with my photoshoots, and I believe that the true way to capture the spirit of Lara Croft is to step into her boots, get down and dirty and daring. 

Calling all Tomb Raider and cosplay fans. Due to the incredible response by my waterfall abseil photo found here: [link] , I have spawned the idea to ask all of you, my friends and spectators.....

What would you like to see in a cosplay action photo? 

I have a numerous amount of ideas that I have either already done or plan to do but I am always looking for new ideas. 

No idea is too absurd (unless it involves a real giant octopus, I guess ;) )

Examples: Motorcycle stunts, aerials, parachuting, hand to hand combat, etc.

I want to hear your opinions, my friends. 

<3 Jenn


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