A New Fake Trailer to E.T. Sequel - ET-X: EXTINCTION

HumorVideos E.T. by Joey Paur

Last week we showed you a fun fake trailer to a sequel to Steven Speilberg's E.T. called E.T. Returns. It was a mash-up of E.T. and War of the Worlds. We have a new E.T. Sequel trailer today to share with you called E.T. X: Extinction, and it's even better than the last fake trailer.

This new trailer was created by Robert Blankenheim and Derek Johnson Productions, and they use clips from films with a grown up Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas. Of course they have to throw in a bunch of clips from different alien invasion movies. They also throw in their own special effects and evil E.T's into the mix.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this, it's actually very entertaining. Tell us what you think

Thanks to Johnny B for the tip!


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