Toy Fair 2011: DOCTOR WHO At Bif Bang Pow! And Underground Toys Booths

Here's another round of pictures I took at this year's Toy Fair in New York.  Bif Bang Pow! is releasing a series of eight inch Mego-styled Doctor Who action figures inspired by Tom Baker's tenure as the Fourth Doctor.  The first wave includes a Cyber Leader, the Master, the Fourth Doctor, and a Sontaran.  There is a note next to the Doctor noting that this is an oversized prototype head.  His head will be of normal proportions in the final version of the figure.  Also seen here is a bobbling TARDIS.  If I remember correctly, I believe I was told that it would have sound effects.

The next few pictures are from an upcoming wave of figures that come with audio stories on CDs.  The CD trays will link together to build a Pandorica replica from the end of the recent fifth series.  Pictured are the Eleventh Doctor with fez and mop, Amy Pond in her police outfit, a Silurian, and Angel Bob with the Doctor's coat.

I was hoping to see the brick building sets, but they were not at the show.

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