Scream Queen Brooke Lewis Gets Zombified at Illusion Industries, you have to see this!

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I got to see a sneak peak at actress/prodcuer Brooke Lewis in full zombie makeup mode the other night and all I can say is WOW! Just look, I said look if you dare!

Brooke Lewis was the lucky subject of a Zombie Design Make Up FX Test at the famous Illusion Industries for a press event February 24, 2011.  Lewis is working with Todd Tucker and Illusion Industries on her film VAMP IT OUT and showed she can get down, dirty and zombified!!!
Illusion Industries Inc. is a special effects makeup studio that offers productions the latest techniques in prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppets, specialty costumes and production services. Our crew's work has been featured in a wide variety of films ranging from "Watchmen" and "The Mask" to the Gargamel Make-Up design for Sony's upcoming film, "The Smurfs." Illusion Industries Inc. was founded by Todd Tucker and Ronald L. Halvas featuring the combined shop expertise and on-set experience of Tucker, Joe Colwell, Martin Astles, Miles Teves, Seth William Meier, and Adam Walls. Our combined and innovative talents offer a history of providing unforgettable characters and creatures for over 100 credited films, television shows, videos and commercials. Our professional collaboration ensures productions the best in superior quality makeup effects with an effective conduit for the business and creative process.


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