Geekiest statues from around the world

Movieby Jim Napier

Here are some photos of the geekiest statues from around the world! They are in no particular order.


Yoda sits atop this fountain at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in Presidio, San Francisco. This location makes complete sense seeing as how Industrial Light & Magic, LucasArts and other components of Lucasfilm Limited are located in the area. 


I have actually been to visit the Man of Steel located in Metropolis, Il. I lived an hour away from the city, so I didn't make a special trip. Aside from the statue there is not much else there.


This wooden statute is located in a shopping center in the aptly named Merlin Way in Wales. At first I was not sure which was the statue. A big thanks goes out to this street performer for getting in the shot.

Gundam Statue (Tokyo)


This statue was built in 2009 for the 20th anniversary of the series. It is considered a temporary fixture, but there have reportedly been planst to make it a permanent attraction.

Optimus Prime

This was built in the Bejing Olympic Park in July 2010 and is made out  of scrap metal and waste materials.


This is a huge statue of Gigantor. It's 60 feet high and is located in Kobe's Wakamatsu Park.


The town of Vulcan really plays up it's connection to Star Trek with this statue and an annual conventiion that draws fans from all over the world! 

Check out the full list of statues at Blastr. Which ones of the above statues is your favorite?

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