Watch THROWING STONES Episode 8 "Hallway To Hell" Season One Finale

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Hey peeps! We've been showing you the entire first season of the really cool teen horror web series Throwing Stones and what I've done is let everything settle down a little to post Episode 8 "Hallway To Hell" for you. So check it out and show some love for the cliffhanger finale and leave some comments below. I'm already excited for Season 2.


Throwing Stones is a horror story about a group of high schoolers who have to attend Saturday School and find they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing. As if, high school wasn't scary enough! The series stars Lindsay Seidel (Lionsgate hit The Final), Cherami Leigh (The Mist, Fast Food Nation, HBO's Temple Grandin), Rebekah Kennedy(upcoming horror features Blood is Blood, House Hunting, and Season of the Witch w/ Nic Cage), Chad Cox (Powder, ER, Spin City, The Good Guys), Kayla Carlyle (From the Dark) and Lynn Andrews III (MTV's: High School Stories). Writers Bart D. Van Bemmel and Jason A. Wheeler have five feature-length screenplays in production including their dark comedies BUTTERSCOTCH, SWISHER, ANGELS AND DUST, their teen comedy RUSHED, and their teen horror THROWING STONES (which this web series if based on). 


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